What’s a Doula Worth?

Doulas support healthy mind, healthy bond
Doulas support healthy mind, healthy bond

“How much does a doula cost?”  “I can’t afford a doula.”  “What goes into a doula’s fees?”  “Doulas are too expensive!”  “Why do I even need a doula?”  “I’ve got my husband/wife/best friend/sister/Mom; I don’t need a doula, too.”

What is a doula really worth?  There is as much variance in a doula’s fees as there are doulas!  So how do you, the consumer, determine what a doula is worth?  There are countless blogs about what goes into a doula’s fees such as hours in consultations and prenatal visits, actual time spent at births, time spent on call, the research aspects and costs of maintaining expertise (continuing education); the list goes on and on!  However, this blog is not about that.  I want to talk about something a little more intangible.

What is your peace of mind worth to you? 

We are, in general, a materialistic society.  We tend to base our decisions on monetized costs; but is that all there is?  What would you pay to have someone unbiased with whom to share your deepest fears?  What is it worth to know that, no matter what decision you make, you are supported unconditionally?  How valuable would it be to have someone available to you at any time you need them, without worry of inconvenience or offense?  What would it mean to you to have a trusted advisor, with no ulterior motives, to guide you in your decision-making processes; especially when you are navigating uncharted waters?  This is what a doula does; this is where myself and other skilled doulas excel.

Doulas support a healthy mind and a healthy bond

We are there for you as your unwavering support, your knowledgeable guide, your sounding board and your calm in stormy waters.  That’s what we do; that’s what I do.  We are present in whatever capacity necessary, and that type of support is priceless!  When the time comes for you to welcome your new bundle of joy, consider the amazing value of what a doula can bring to your birth!  Cribs and baby carriers and all the wonderfully terrific baby things are great, but don’t forget to factor yourself and your wellbeing into the equation.  What’s your doula worth?

For help in navigating through the myriad of decisions involved in birth and parenting, please feel free to contact A Beautiful Creation Doula!

Jennifer Rivera, owner of A Beautiful Creation Doula, is a birth doula, childbirth educator and consultant serving the Greater Atlanta area.


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