My Daughter is a Doula!

My daughter the doula-photo by author
My daughter the doula-photo by author

“What does a doula do?”

I sat in deep thought today as I finished typing a response to an inquiry about what a doula does.  As I ran through the reply in my head and read & re-read those words before finally hitting send, I wondered if I had accurately conveyed what a doula truly has to offer.  Then, I looked down at my daughter sleeping in those early morning hours and it struck me:  my daughter is a doula!

“The baby whisperer”

My daughter has been known as “the baby whisperer” practically since she was born herself.  No baby can resist her charms!  There is something about her caring and compassionate nature that just lulls them into hypnotic submission.  She also has a very magnetic personality that babies are drawn to as if they sense that all will be well in her presence.  And if that wasn’t enough, she has a very calming, gentle touch that makes them never want to leave her arms.

“The essence of doula work”

So, I thought to myself, those qualities are the essence of doula work:  a caring and compassionate nature, the ability to create a safe and welcoming environment, and having a calm and gentle supportive touch.  Those are the skills that make a doula an invaluable asset to any birthing or postpartum mother and that is the answer to the “what does a doula do?” question!  And to think, all I had to do was watch a sleeping child to realize it!

For help in navigating through the myriad of decisions involved in birth and parenting, please feel free to contact me at A Beautiful Creation Doula!

Jennifer Rivera, owner of A Beautiful Creation Doula, is a birth doula, childbirth educator and consultant serving the Greater Atlanta area.


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